The Lost Letters of Harland Quinn

Game Instructions

Before leaving Seraph City, Harland Quinn wrote a number of letters and sent them to various friends, telling them where they might find the gifts he had left for them.

You can find these letters on the web and - if you follow the full trail - you'll get a bonus prize at the end too! The final item will lead you to a special prize - it unlocks access to part 3 of Death in Velvet, the radio play of a Harland Quinn mystery (separate to the main series, but referencing some of the characters - and with some very special guest stars!).

Each letter is followed by a question about the TV show The Blackened Mirror (and if you've missed any episodes, you can catch up here). Answer the questuion correctly, and you'll find the letter. Answer wrongly and ... well, you can always try again!

To find the first letter, follow this clue:

Who is the owner of the Java Jive in Seraph City?

Is it

a) Edward
b) Ceejay
c) Millie
d) Dolores