Jewel Theft! A Cryptic Hunt in Seraph City

Codie Cullen, a notorious thief in Seraph City, works in partnership with Fingers Finnegan, another notorious lowlife.

Hunt ObjectCodie gets his name because he is well-known for leaving messages for his (somewhat baffled) partner in crime in code.

This time, Codie has got away with a hoard of jewels – a complete set for ladies, and a rather handsome ring for gentlemen, crafted by the famed jeweller Mr Alastair Whybrow of Sparkle of Sound in Caledon SouthEnd.

He’s left a cryptic message for Fingers – solve it and you can start the hunt to find the jewels!

The hunt object (shown right) is a wooden jewel box.

(The Prize is your own copy of a special set of Blackened Mirror Jewellery – and you’ll find cryptic clues leading you there all over Seraph City!)

The first clue!

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