Episode 6: Bad Blood – means Party and Prizes for The Blackened Mirror!

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Blackened Mirror Season 1 has ended – and what a shocker of an ending that was, eh?

If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s now on the web.

And we’re going to be celebrating the end of Season 1 with a special party today at the Seraph Club from 3pm till 6pm with Edward Pearse, who plays Harland Quinn’s friend, Edward, not only our host, but also our DJ. And Dress is definitely Film Noir!

The Blackened Mirror End of Season Party

The Blackened Mirror End of Season Party

But as well as celebrating the end of the season, there will be more goodies too! We will be announcing the results and winners of the Special Competitions that we’ve been running all season – five very special games:

Game 1: The Broadway Musical GameGame 2: The Hollywood Theatrical Movie Game
Game 3: The Death in Velvet Murder Mystery Game
Game 4: The Shangri-La Game
Game 5: The Mysterious Doorman Game

And how will you know if you solved the mystery of Death in Velvet? Well, for the very first time we will be broadcasting Episode 4 of Death in Velvet – which contains the solution to the mystery!

This is going to be a really terrific party – make sure that you don’t miss it!



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