Celebrate the Blackened Mirror with a party, a new fun noir game and a new radio episode!

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We’re going to be celebrating The Blackened Mirror today with a special party today.

Join us at the Java Jive in Seraph City where there will be a party from 3-5pm SLT to launch a new game that will give you the chance to discover a little more about Harland Quinn, and the mysteries that lie behind … The Blackened Mirror.

Party at the Java Jive

Party at the Java Jive

Music will be supplied by Mr Victor Mornington – and there’ll be the opportunity to hear again the opening episodes of the special radio drama Death in Velvet – can you guess the murderer?

As part of the new game, we’ll also be revealing the location on the web of Episode 3 of Death in Velvet – currently only Episodes 1 and 2 have been revealed!

This week we will be launching the Second Life version of the game – and next week there will be the launch of a web only game.  But we’re sure that followers of The Blackened Mirror will love this one – the letters they find not only uncover more of the mysteries, but they also reveal more about Harland Quinn – and his feelings for those closest to him.

So … put on your best film noir clothes and come and join us for a great party!